Beverage Services

Product Development

Product Development

Our experienced Brewmaster can assist our customers in the development of products and formulas to best fit their needs and flavour profiles.

BevPack Manufacturing


Our facility is equipped to produce various types of products, ranging from simple carbonated water to alcoholic pre-mixes. We can package alcoholic and non-alcoholic products.

BevPack Testing

Testing Assistance

We can assist and plan the product’s technical testing and control throughout the entire process and life cycle as to ensure top quality products.

BevPack Support

Continued Support

While a customer of BevPack, we will always support our customers to the best of our abilities to ensure top quality products, product delivery and overall experience of every project’s life cycle.

Ensuring Quality

BevPack understands end quality is everything. We are invested in a strong capability to monitor and protect your product through stringent quality control processes. We are in the process of being ISO22000 certified to guarantee only the best quality control process are in place.



We do a full CIP before and after any packaging run, with variables that are time depending on product types. All equipment involved is CIP’d which include:

  • Hot CIP 60֯
  • Caustic, Acid and Sanitiser cycle and water rinse.
Swab Test

Swab Test

We do regular equipment swab tests to ensure that all  equipment surfaces are clean and within expected microbial activity parameters.

Water Rinsing

Pre– and Post Rinse

All containers are rinsed before and after filling. This ensure clean containers prior to filling and removing any spill-over after filling.

Co2 Purge

CO2 Purge

All containers are double pre-evacuated and CO2 purged by  de-aeration, filling, closing, levelling and de-gassing.

Filling Check

All containers filled are weighed post-filling  to ensure fill accuracy for all filling solutions.

Post Fill Check

Samples of all products filled will be kept for further analysis and filling quality checks.

For cans we submit to Nampak for container integrity checks.

Product QC

During the manufacturing process we will check the product against the provided parameters. 

This is to ensure all products produced are correct prior to filling and packaging.

We also offer onsite testing off:

  • Alcohol levels
  • Oxygen pickup
  • Co2 Levels
  • Internal container pressure